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The purpose of the MOCSat application is to make satellite data easily accessible and usable. It does so by taking the data received and stored by a ground station and connecting it to an interface via our app which is focused on the needs of the mission control users at the wheel. The team aimed to help NASA implement its mission and goals for the future of space exploration.

This project was done initially for a NASA grant and eventually ended in collaboration with the University of Illinois. I was the Creative Design Lead (during 2018 and 2019) tasked with iterating on UI mockups and UX research in order to lead the project to a successful state that found real-world use at the hands of mission control students and staff at the University of Illinois.

Agile methodologies were at the core of our project as our multi-disciplinary team worked to solve inefficiencies that make technological innovators lose lots of valuable time (especially with students who were often held up in classes away from their satellite ground station).